Thursday, August 17, 2006

More Pictures from Canumay West

Here are more pictures from Canumay West yesterday.

By the way, just want to mention that I'm very new to photography and I'm only using my camera phone. Hehehe. Although I'm asking my Dad for a digicam for graduation (that is, if I graduate hehehe). Ever since this feature was added to mobile phones, I've always enjoyed trigger happy moments of, well, anything under the sun, myself included. However, I do not think of posting any of my pictures here at the moment.

These three boys insisted I take their pictures :)

The pinoy smile is contagious :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Her Eyes Got Me

Our duty in Canumay West Health Center ends today. We conducted a seminar on environmental sanitation. And while waiting for the seminar to start, I took pictures of some of the children living in that area. My personal favorite is the girl below. She didn't smile much but her eyes says it all. I only wanted to take her pic but eventually, all of the other kids joined in, which I didn't mind at all...

And since the girl was my 'subject', she had chocolate mallows as a reward.